Monday, June 16, 2008

Pigs on the Wing: Grid Update

The Entry Grids have been updated again.

Boy, the judges are really going to have their hands full when it comes time to score everything...


Anonymous said...

who keeps making these disgusting racers?!?!
those are just sick!

Christopher Doyle said...


So far the "adult" racers have been from two different submitters. It might be a shock to newer readers, but Reasonably Clever has co-hosted a few "Putting the A in AFOL" building contests in the past - back in the days when J-LUG was still around. That we'd get a few "non PG" themed entries from time to time isn't that much of a shocker in that context.

Still, as the site has migrated to more "kid friendly" status I'm making sure there are at least a few clicks and warning between the casual surfer and the more mature content.

Anyway, sometimes disgusting can be pretty funny. And if not funny, at

Ean said...

Insanely memorable.