Monday, June 16, 2008

Comics Delay

Sorry gang, but the comic is going to be delayed - either to later tonight or tomorrow. Real life getting in the way and all that. Don't worry, you'll still get all five comics this week; I'm just off to a slow start.


Geoffrey said...

Would small monetary donations help you any? I donated to Ian's webcomic, and if you're okay with a donation of up to $20 USD I'd be happy to send it along to a nominated paypal account, which you can reply with here or in email.

I thought I'd take this opportunity to find out if you're in need of anything to keep small incidental expenses associated with comic production from getting out of hand.

If not, I'm fine with that, too. :)

Christopher Doyle said...


Since I sell stuff on the site, as well as having the google ads, it strikes me as too greedy/ill-mannered to be putting out a tip jar as well.

The costs on the comic are actually pretty minimal - the main challenge is just finding time to work on it.

In the pre-ad days I did have a tip jar, and at some point I may ditch the google ads and go back to it. But for now the ads pull in just enough to cover the hosting fees and whatnot, so I figure it's best to leave it alone for now.

But I do thank you for your offer - that was quite nice of you to ask.

Doug7172 said...

I cant wait!