Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Comics Portaling

A few months ago, Ian mentioned an idea he had for creating a portal for LEGO-based webcomics. I know many of the readers of this blog (and Ian's) have dabbled in strip creation - and I'm sure there are dozens of LEGO based-strips that I just haven't been exposed to yet. It would be nice to have a jumping-off point to explore those strips - hopefully widening the audience by sharing readers.

I'm working on a revamp of my own comic menu areas - if I were to try and implement something like a portal, now would be the time for it. The question is, if I build it, would anyone come?

I was thinking of some sort of moderated links page - anyone could submit a link, but you'd have to meet some basic criteria before you were added. Criteria like "more than three episodes published and some sort of track record for accomplishing updates at least once a month."

If you're linked, you'd need to put some sort link-back image on your main comic page - nothing too obnoxious, but if the traffic isn't two-way there's not much point in having an index. There could be cluster-wide events and crossovers, contests, or...well, who knows.

Maybe we could get one of the more eloquent blogs to agree to do a weekly review of one of the strips in the cluster, again with the idea of bringing these strips to a wider audience.

What do you guys think? Would this be something you'd be interested in seeing/participating in? Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?


Cavorter said...

Just to point out a similar concept, a fairly popular videogame blog that I follow does a "Weekly Webcomic Wrapup" where they run the results of a poll updated every week for the various videogame webcomics. Here's the link to the post from last week: http://www.joystiq.com/2008/06/08/weekly-webcomic-wrapup-has-a-snake-in-a-box/

That said, in some ways it would be hard to take a poll like that seriously if it was hosted by the creators of one of the comics.

Thomas said...

This would be a great idea. Lesser-known comics could get more publicity, and overall it's just a fantastic idea. I'm all for it. (Of course, I have yet to start a webcomic, so my opinion doesn't really count for much, does it?)

TK1420 said...

I'd certainly use it to find comics, and if I ever get to making a webcomic, would use it for people to find my comic.

No comic making for me anytime, soom, though- I just moved and all my bricks are boxed up until I can set up a building area. Which is low on the missus' list of priorities just now. ;)

Ian said...

I'm in, but you knew that.


Fortyk said...

I'd use it, I was making comics before I even saw Reasoably Clever webcomic. Even if they were rubbish ones :P

Na said...

I love the idea - there are heaps of portals out there for webcomics (Drunkduck for one), but lego webcomics are under-represented and it would be nice to see what else is out there. As a reader, it'd also be good to find some new ones and give someone a new reader or two.

Maarten said...

Just 3 words: I would like to participate.
I searched the web for comics with Lego which tells an adventure,
for I have found only The Adventures Of The S-Team, Legostar Galactica and Reasonably clever.

Max G said...

I have lego webcomics at

Dwainomac said...

I (and therefore Captain Jibidy) would be in for it. Any way to get eyeballs headed any of our directions is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Well you had better include Irregular Webcomic! if you make a list like this, it has plenty of strips with lego figures in it.