Friday, June 27, 2008

Episode 462

Read the comic here.

Hopefully this strip will help with the confusion about what happened earlier this week. It's a pretty concise recap of events from Luka's perspective.


Na said...

God, I love time paradoxes!

Geoffrey said...

Luka's "mutant pepper" assumption is a pretty hefty one, Chris.

The whole reason she disappeared is not that she ate it, it's because she happened to have just eaten it when Donut's teleporter succeeds in locking onto her and grabbing her.

Would this mean if someone else eats a mutant chili pepper, and doesn't disappear that the reason for Luka's disappearance isn't what she thought it was?

Biggest question though: Is there anyone currently in The Brick House TARDIS brave enough to test the theory, apart from Luka??

Christopher Doyle said...

That statement is just a restatement of Donut's perspective of things from 385. As such, Luka's assumption works just fine with the facts she has at this point.

In possibly unrelated trivia, remember that Donut's repeated ingestion of the peppers is what turned him into a Thyme-Lord. If anyone knows what those peppers can do, he does.

Geoffrey said...

Okay, I get it now - at least I hope so. With that out of the way, what's on the calendar for next week? Is Luka going to want out of the Brick House TARDIS? Is she going to want Whiskey, Donut and Scotch out too?

What will Pat's fate be now that he's been burnt to a crisp? Hopefully not as another annoying side-kick to Whiskey and Co.

I'm tuning in next week to find out, and hopefully, they'll all have a rather nice adventure to ebmark on sometime during the middle of next week.

Ian said...

I always like it when the characters remind us all that they're ACTORS in a COMIC. I utilize that myself once in awhile.

Christopher Doyle said...


It's an interesting Meta discussion. Whiskey isn't much of an actor - I think he sees the strip more as a "reality TV" situation. It's his little plastic world, and although I try and decide what happens when, he's demonstrated he's willing to go his own way if he doesn't like what's going on.

Of course, we've seen him "off the set", so maybe a better analogy would be "a wildly out of control Saturday Night Live skit"?

Ray-The-Sun said...

...pats going to fuse with Whiskey's Advent 'do.....

and then their combined wish energy will make "The Armageddon" and make them go into an alternate universe.

........Doubt it though...

Nick said...

I have a few questions;

1) What happened to Pat? Is he still alive after they grabbed Luka? If so, will they just carry the box around for the rest of the comic or what?

2) Did anything happen to Whiskey's hair? Last I remember it just flew out the door and I can't be bothered to go look myself. :D