Saturday, June 14, 2008

LEGO Italian Spiderman

Ah, the wonder of Italian Spiderman. Click the link to watch the videos. Or visit the creator's homepage at Not everyone understands the awesome power and humor of Italian Spiderman. Perhaps you have to be twisted in just the right ways.

I happen to love it.

I also had some clear stickers on hand and decided to try making my first customized mini-figure. Click the picture to view the gallery.

Viva Italian Spiderman! And make me a macchiato. PRONTO.


Ray-The-Sun said...

Brilliant! I think this kind of relates to something I wanted to submit as a Contest idea (Hint Hint!) but I'm wondering where you got that trumpet accessory, It looks fantastic! anyway, I saw the first episode of that Italian Spider-man, and the likeness is, astounding.

Signing off,


Christopher Doyle said...


The trumpet is a LEGO accessory - I think mine came from a wild west set.

TK1420 said...

Wow, how'd they get Jack Black *and* Christopher Lee in this thing? ;)

Reminds me a bit of Turkish Star Wars:

Maarten said...

Oh god it's just too friggin' funny!