Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Episode 449

Read the comic here.

It was tempting to blow Whiskey off the base of the Brick House, drop him 50 floors, and write him out of the story. I even did a few test shots of him dangling on the edge of the baseplate so we could explicitly watch him fall.

But I figured there were enough plot threads dangling already.


Geoffrey said...

So how are you going to solve for both an explanation for the person everyone thinks is Donut regenerated (whether he actually is remains to be settled yet) and put Donut back in control of The Brick House TARDIS??

I wonder - just how reliable is the Soda II armor - hope it's received regular servicing and maintenance ...

Coincidentally, how long would it take a horde of zombies on the street below to notice that funny-looking house sticking out of a skyscraper?

I reckon pretty soon that we're going to see someone yelling that there's a horde of zombies approaching and that having the Brick House TARDIS take off will become a priority.

dave the rave said...

Why can't the house recognise Whiskey's voice after all the time he's been inside?

P.S. The first comic on my birthday!(you missed the last one because of the hiatus)

Christopher Doyle said...


Happy birthday!

The house recognized Whiskey - and, you'll notice, it did just what he asked. The problem is that he's not a recognized "command voice." Too bad Donut didn't think to give him a key...

Geoffrey said...

Well, if you recall, Donut didn't give him a key because he was trying to get his hair off of him so he could save him from it's wishing effects.

I'd say because of the way that Whiskey was about the whole hair thing that the last thing on his mind would've been getting a key off Donut. Getting payback on Pat was much more important. ;)

Now, the big question is, will Whiskey suddenly have a wish to portal himself over to the S-Club strip so he can "save" TigerGirl from Shaft? :D

And can Doyle stop him from being an idiot? ;)