Friday, June 20, 2008

Episode 457

Read the comic here.

It's good to see the new Donut hasn't forgotten the goals of the previous incarnation.


Geoffrey said...

Back at Episode 455, you said there was one big event left to go, and you'd introduce it in-strip before the end of the week.

What'd I miss?

Or are you saying with this strip that the whole frying and capturing Pat is what you were referring to back at the comments for Epsiode 455?

splash1 said...

that's a stupid way to end the week

Christopher Doyle said...


I'd consider finishing up Luka's story a fairly major event - and today's strip leads directly into that resolution.


Thanks. It's warms my heart to know that all the time and effort I put into the strip is appreciated. I'd like to add that I just love the tight plot and fast pacing of your own, nearly two year old web comic. If only I had half of the creativity and building skills you've displayed!

Geoffrey said...

Why don't you have an effigy of splash1 stand in for Pat next week?

That throwback to his comment was priceless, can I get that framed and hung? ;)

Finishing up Luka's story is good, finding her will be a whole new adventure though. And yes, that's a reference of sorts to Peter Pan, although I guess even he'd be amazed at the idea Donut ripped off of Doctor Who. ;)

TK1420 said...

LOL at your reply to splashy.

Even though he has calmed down after being fried, I still don't trust Pat. I doubt he would have gone with them if they'd simply asked. Even if he had, he still needed a roasting.

Starpoint said...

yup. I agree with you 100%

splash1 said...

Christopher Doyle:

i didn't mean anything by it
i'm just saying it's a stupid way to end the week...can you please explain to us who Scotch is and the entire backstory before the world ends?!

i'm sorry....i don't know what came over me

Christopher Doyle said...


My response was quite a bit harsher than your comment merited - I'm sorry about that. I'm having a rough week, and I read your comment at just the wrong time.

It's not much of a comment area if I only allow happy/positive responses - without constructive feedback I'd have a hard time improving the strip. The trick, I guess, is to ask you to phrase it a bit more helpfully than just "that's stupid."

Scotch's backstory is indeed in the queue for a future chapter - I'm hoping to have everything revealed before we wade into this year's Advent pregame.

Joe said...

Splash1, I have this to say to you.
Wow, You're really dumb, Scotch's been around since the beginning. He's the frog. Go read the archives!