Monday, June 30, 2008

Episode 463

Read the comic here.

I only have two "faces" for Luka - a grin, and a lopsided grin. I miss the scared/yelling faces of Mary Sue and Fox.


Geoffrey said...

If you've only got two faces for Luka, maybe it's time to see if you can find a worthwhile method of stencilling more expressions on minifig heads?

As for the "this guy is your dad" explanations, I sure hope Donut starts talking before Whiskey gets us all confused!! ;-)

Ian said...

Something I've thought about for expressions would be to print a variety onto the thinnest clear sticker sheet I can find and then cut them out with an xacto knife. One sheet ought to provide just about every expression you could possibly want if you could get it to work and stick without being too obvious.


Ian said...

Donut II: Luka...*wheeze wheeze wheeze*...I... am your father! *wheeze wheeze wheeze*

Luka: Nooooo! That's im*spit*possible!


Christopher Doyle said...


I did a custom sticker-face for my Italian Spiderman figure - the problem I ran into there was that if the hairpiece fits too tightly against the head, that sticker is going to roll, tear, or scrape.

Plus...I'm still wanting to keep the strip as close to "just LEGO elements" as I can. (Although I've already compromised that with the Brickarms weapons...)

And, of course, if I ever to do animated with the strip, I'll either have to do stickers or go CGI for mouth movements.

So I dunno.

Zacknut said...

Theres some nice clear skinny sticker paper out there, similar to those of Lego's clear stickers.
MCN has all kinds off stuff, but the transition to the new site is taking FOREVER!

Geoffrey said...

Chris: Have you ever wondered if it would be worth the expense of making a homebrew printing machine that would quite literally print onto minifig heads? I wonder how TLG print up their own heads, looks like from the photos of the machine they have that it does bulk prints of anything using either a photocopier style of ink transfer, or uses inkjet technology.

The other thing is, if you're doing some heads, you could also use them for the buy-me mizer.

Maybe it would at least be worth looking into asking around the LEGO Fan community and seeing if there's anyone who could do customized print runs directly onto minifig heads for you.