Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Episode 455

Read the comic here.

A couple of questions cleared up. It may look as if this chapter is winding down, but it really isn't. There's still one big event left to go, and I'll introduce it in-strip before the end of the week.


Geoffrey said...

How about explaining what exactly was up with the Soda-II armor and the frog, and the intent by the frog to take over The Brick House.

Well, I'd think it was the frog, anyway, since the Soda-II armor's not programmed to take anything over, although it could have received and tried to act upon a communication from The Brick House's computer asking for assistance.

I still don't know where that was going, though. Hopefully Doyle will clear that up.

Christopher Doyle said...


Are you talking about Episode 450?

Here's what I was trying to get across:

At Donut's instance, Scotch uses the SODA armor to turn off the house defenses.

Scotch, however, is still suspicious of Donut (particularly after seeing Whiskey blasted)and decides that maybe it isn't a good idea to let Donut into the Brick House. He turns on the Sword mode of his armor.

Donut, of course, is just annoyed by that. He overrides Scotch's commands with a shutdown code and enters the house.


Or were you referring to another strip?

Geoffrey said...

So that's what happened.

There still remains the question of whether Donut's going to alter the armor's programming so the frog can use it, but not activate any defenses that might harm Donut.

Scoth has been strangely silent and off the Soda-II armor, so I still don't know how much of this explanation of Donut's he's buying.

Geoffrey said...

I wonder if we will ever see the ability to edit minor typos in our blogger posts? I meant Scotch of course.

Jake said...

Ha ha ha! "Scoth" Well actually, I didn't even notice it until you mentioned it. But it's still funny. =D

Maarten said...

The Release of my webcomic's first episode!

Doug7172 said...

Marteen: Hardly the place to shill.
Doyle: That last panel is GOLD!

Christopher Doyle said...


Others have posted links to their comics in the comments before...I don't begrudge Marteen his announcement.

But you do have a point that comments like his aren't really "on topic".

Eh. Until it gets out of hand, I'll allow it. It's a good reminder to put up a 'general discussion thread' every week or so for that sort of chatter...

Maarten said...

Sorry, I was happy that my first webcomic was finally uploaded, and...
Stuff happened.