Friday, June 6, 2008

Episode 447

Read the comic here.

I had planned to have the house's weapons come out of doors/ports on the building itself, but I couldn't get the angles to work right. So these weapons came up out of the lawn like vengeful lawn gnomes or something.

And, yes, the lawn that travels with the BH is very, very thin. But the Brick House has teseract technology, as you'll recall. Big things can fit into small places. So just relax and go with the joke.


dave the rave said...

Wait a minute! If the stranger is supposed to be Donut's regenerated self (as people keep mentioning), shouldn't he imitate Donuts voice?

Geoffrey said...

I'm not sure any more, although I think Doyle has a plan up his sleeve.

Whatever it is, hopefully, it includes codes for rogue Brick House defences! :D

In any case, he should have a special key that unlocks everything regardless of whether he's regenerated or not.

Ian said...

I love the sound effects. :)


Anonymous said...

I think the black cat is a Dr. Who reference

Maarten said...

''O RLY?''

Dan said...

I have one problem with this strip, why isn't the house still stuck to the side of the Brick-Cola building?

Unless it is the past Dount's house and they forgot about it.

Christopher Doyle said...


The BH is still on the side of the building - there's an establishing shot of that in Monday's strip to make things clear. :)

(I should have used the shot as panel 3 in Friday's strip, come to think of it.)