Monday, June 30, 2008

Pigs on the Wing: CONTEST IS CLOSED

It's 3:33am here - that means submissions for the Pigs on the Wing contest are now all in.

THE GRIDS HAVE ALL BEEN UPDATED. If your entry doesn't show up, it was either disqualified (hint: Human skeletons are not animals) or I never got it. (hint: I told you not to wait until the last moment to send.)

What's next? I need to finalize the judgment spreadsheets, email them out, and start on my own round of grading. I'm hoping to post results next week, assuming the judges can wade through the nearly 200 entries by then. (Next time: One or two entries per person, max.)

Feel free to comment here with discussion of your favorite models - there's a very diverse field to choose from this time, and our judges are probably all going to be looking for different things. Who will come out on top???


Pumpkinetics said...


Darn My Australian perception of time- And I was just about to send photos and everything!

(How late was I? That's what this post's for)

Geoffrey said...

Chris: Does all of this extra work for the competition mean that the storyline with The Brick House would have to wait until you can get time to put it up?

I don't mind at all if Monday's comic gets held over until Tuesday, as long as there's time to make both strips, and I'm sure no-one will mind if you have to do something like this to setup the competition entries properly.

Pumpkinetics: There are a lot of free online time zone sites out there, all you need to do next time you enter a competition is to make sure you're on the same time zone as the server you're going to be posting entries to.

I'm not sure what time zone Chris is on though.

Christopher Doyle said...

Pumpkinetics: Looks like you were about 2 hours too late.

The contest shouldn't hold up the comic at all.

And I'm in the Eastern Time zone (why else would I use it for my deadlines?)

Ebil said...

3:33 AM...
Well, already got 19 or so entries in, one less isn't that bad.
And I have a feeling that max. entries not is somewhat related to me.

Christopher Doyle said...


Well, 20+ entries is a *bit* excessive - but at least your entries were all well documented, submitted over time, and conformed to the rules. I'm more annoyed at the other 20+ model builder who dumped everything at the last moment with no titles, no valid gallery links, and 3+meg photo attachments that I had to resize to fit the grid. I recognize there had to be a lot of build time and thought going into that many creations, but to flub the entry guidelines that badly...well, it's annoying.

As to the future, my thought is that by limiting things to one or two models per builder you'll really have to think about what you're going to submit - and probably spend most of the contest tweaking and improving a single model. I think it'll foster a higher caliber of entry overall.

Gaby said...

I think mi favorite is the Snake Racer

Paul said...

Thanks Gaby. I think your X-owl is one of my favorite