Wednesday, January 2, 2008

In Other News...

Just a few minor things.
  • The 2007 Advent Battle has been archived off of the main comics page.
  • I'm trying to come up with a good "Deep Winter Contest" that can run through Jan/Feb. I've read a couple of good suggestions so far (One-Man Fighter, Vigs) but I'd like to hear from more of you as to what you're interested in building at the moment. Also, what you'd like to see as prizes.
  • There was record snowfall yesterday, but the streets have all been plowed and traffic was normal this morning. I think this is a first for Michigan.


TK1420 said...

How about a build something you know contest? Take a photo of your house, car, workplace, dog- something you live with everyday- and render it in Lego?

This may be the time for a Food Network themed contest. It would give me an excuse to make a Giada minifig and put her in a pasta-making mech.

Or we could stick with fighters, moon buggies, and good classic Lego fun.

V-Beetle said...

car contest? I would build a baja bug :D

or a video game character contest,or a contest called"How would YOU have made the advent calendar"

Pumpkinetics said...

Something involving new adventures for the Indy minifig? (a la "Pimp my Motorcycle Chase"?)

And I remember when it snowed here at an 800 metre altitude! Over 2 inches!

takua-777 said...

i like the 1-man fighter thing.

Baz said...

Hows about a house comp? Like, build a house and send in pics. (easy for me, I have one pre-made!)