Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Episode 346

Read the comic here.

Ouch. That's gotta hurt.


Anonymous said...

I wonder when batmen or morpheus are going to show up again,because morpheu's magic rocks!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Morpheus, where is Morpheus (Matrix/Cat)?

TK1420 said...

I saw this coming in panel 1 and still almost laughed my lunch onto my keyboard.

Nice use of the new Castle skull, too.

franklyn said...

hi Doyle,

Why has Whiskey gone crazy? sorry, i'm not following the plot.

Christopher Doyle said...


Morpheus the Cat is out in the car with Scotch (as far as we know. He *might* have been left for dead on the Featureless Grey Advent Plane along with the rest of the Advent cast.)

As for Batman - right now the strip already has *plenty* of Super Heroes in it, don't you think?


My desire to use that head on Slick was the inspiration for the whole tasering sub-arc.


Okay, a quick plot-recap:

Whiskey couldn't handle Hannah Montana standing in for the lead singer of his favorite band - so he's taken her hostage to try and make the real lead singer show up.

So...uh, yeah, I guess he's gone a bit crazy.

Give him a break - it's been a tough year for him.