Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Epidode 340

Read the comic here.

Yes, the S-Team cameo is more than just Stonewall and Smokescreen chatting at a concert.

For today's strip I had to build my own copy of Ian's Monitor Room. It's somewhat frustrating to do - Ian owns a huge pile of all the LEGO parts that I don't own, and he insists on using them.

Ah well. It's enough for me to be able to suggest that his characters stand around betting on if emergencies are real or not.


Anonymous said...

Whiskey's a real jerk sometimes, isn't he? I mean there are girls at school who drive me up the wall but I don't try to shave their heads.
Given what this strip is like though, he's probably innocent by reason of insanity.

Anonymous said...

i swear that first one isnt me, ok? now, this has absolutly nothing to do with the comic, but i have a few things i need to tell you before i forget.

1. what ever happend to the other 2008 lego set reviews?

2. i know you have an elephant, the clues are every where (you use a lot of pieces from the orient expedition india sets)

3. i have an awesome idea for a contest: castle building challenge! people can put trapdoors or secret compartments, its a little old fashioned but people will love it! please just try it.

anonymous said...

the second anonymous here was me. i just signed up so you know who i am, though im still going by "anonymous"

Nick said...

What does the elephant have to do with anything?

Na said...

Totally off-topic of this comic... I thought all you lego nuts would like this:


A how-to on making a lego geodesic dome!

TK1420 said...

My wife has American Idol going as I read and type this, and for some reason the comments today remind me of the tryouts for that show.

Anyway, I think the essence of S-Team was captured very well in today's strip.

Ian Thomas Healy said...

The S-Team betting on disasters?

Oh, sure, they do that all the time.

*runs to pencil something into the next script*

You're capturing their essence very well, Chris - nicely done and the Monitor Room was a real surprise. Are you sure you're not coming over here while I'm at work?


Baz said...

No-one's safe from Breaking and Entering and Using Your Lego Chris.

takua-777 said...

great strip as always.

anyway, i need some advice. my parents refuse to retreive some rare and valuable lego from the loft. this includes exploriens, insectoids, cowboys and indians, city, ufo and life on mars, as well as loads of creator stuff and basic bricks. their 1st excuse was that i didnt have enough room. i made room by moving loads around. anyway, now they say its either too hot or too cold or when its perfect weather they say its all too far back and they would never find it. i cant go up there myself due to my asthma (its MEGA dusty up there.) i really want that stuff down cos theres loads of rare and useful parts (E.G. 2 giant insectoids stingers) and stuff. anybody have any advice?

TK1420 said...

takua 777, if I were you I'd get a paper face mask or some other way to protect my sniffer and go dig it out. I imagine getting into the attic and finding exactly what you want is a lot easier for a spry young person like yourself than it is for mom and pop to get up there.

We 'old' people get creaky in changing weather and don't clamber around in attics if we can help it.

Christopher Doyle said...



TK1420 said...


Anonymous said...

For the first anonymous I agree,whiskey is just a crazy guy who attacks anyone who replaces his favorite siners;but I have to admit,if whiskey does shave her hair,wouldn't her wig come of and reveal her sercret that shes miley cyrus?