Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Epidode 341

Read the comic here.

Sorry the strips have been running late - I keep forgetting to add in time to build duplicates of Ian's sets. Of course, I could have done that a lot earlier, but I'm sooooo close to finishing my Steampunk ship...and you know how it is when you're soooo close to finishing a MOC. Other projects seem to slip past you...

Anyway, today we have another copy of a set - this time Science Guy's Lab. You really can't see it that well, but trust me, I went and found photo references and everything.

I debated whether Science Guy would balk at using his teleporter...or balk at being that close to Hannah Montana. I figured the first joke was just a smidge more interesting.

The teleporter was is actually part of a long-abandoned Tramp Freighter project. It was part of the star drive at one point...

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