Monday, January 7, 2008

2008 Avent news! Yes, already.

This was pointed out to me in the comments over the weekend - thanks to "anonymous", whoever you are.

Over at Brickset, they have a list of new sets for 2008. It's full of spoiler-y goodness.

There's one thing on the list, though, that I just have to share with everyone now. (The image was taken from Brickset, who apparently got it from Eurobricks. credit where it's due.)

Anyway, check this out:

Yes! A new theme for next year!

And check out this fuzzy bit of detail:

The jester hat is cool, if of limited use. I'm more excited about that new corset torso piece. And the inclusion of that rare long-hair wig as part of the set.

Mmm, Mmm, Good.


Na said...

I can already imagine the advent storyline - frogs, jester hats, talking carrots, and one very fancy wig!

Nick said...

Sadly, all they really have is the advent calendar and some Bionicle sets as far as stuff I haven't seen goes. I was really hoping to see some Agens sets. :(

luthien1121 said...

Yay! I'll have to order this one as soon as it's available! :-)

TK1420 said...

That is good news! I wonder if this will replace City as the theme, or if they will have both. And if they do have both, will City be more re-runs or have some new and exciting things.

takua-777 said...

ok, that brick street customs...

another vending machine *celebrates*
a fire vehicle
it looks like it belongs in pimp my ride!!! woo!!!

and the other one... weird truck, but 2 monster trucks!!! yay!!!

Anonymous said...

i dont remember the last few days but i think that was me. if not, sorry; but i did see it on brickset and i was going to tell you. :\

ps wheres scotch?
pss you should totally put an elephant in the comic