Friday, January 25, 2008

Buy-Me-Mizer Update

I added a few new parts to the Buy-Me Mizer today.

Two new legs: Spring Blue and Spring Dark Blue
Three new faces: Pepper, Dudley, and another eye-patch variation
One new helmet: Stormtrooper
Three new torsos: Red Haltertop, Black Space II, Stormtrooper
Two new neckwear options: White Fringe, Yellow Fringe

Total Combinations now at 109,901,610,000

ALSO: I've gotten a couple of emails about people getting an error when adding multiple figures to their cart. From what I've been able to trace down, this is being caused by you having a figure in your cart for a while, then coming back and adding more figures later. The best solution I've found is to just clear your cart and re-add the figures - that seems to clear the error. If you're still having trouble, please comment or email me.

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