Friday, January 18, 2008

Epidode 343

Read the comic here.

Ian, of course, has created his own special effect for Silence's teleportation. I have no idea how he generates it, so I made up a new one. Neener.

In retaliation, I hope to vex Ian with my introduction of the S-Team's remote communicators - that's a really tough piece to find. (It was a detail bit on a promotional mini TIE Fighter a couple of years ago.)


Ian Thomas Healy said...

Jerk. LOL

I'll tell you how I do the effect, but you did your own version nicely.

I use Broderbund Print Shop for most of my special effects. Silence's teleportation effect is actually a clipart picture of a flower (called a red puff). I crop around it then run it through several filters, including blur, "static", and "crackle" effects. Then I crop a picture of Silence and do the same effects on her and overlay her onto the puff. And Bob's yer uncle.


Anonymous said...

Ian uses a red puff. Says so in HIS blog-about-comics.