Monday, January 28, 2008

Episode 349

Read the comic here.

A lot of work goes into this strip that you guys never see. Stupid, needless work. For example, today's strip features an extension of the concert stage set - a new baseplate added to the site with some "backstage" set dressings. Can you make out ANY of that in the strip? Not really. So I had to go with a "narration moment" to tell you where you were looking at. *sigh*

Sandstorm's "juris-my-diction crap" line is lifted from the opening scene of the Matrix.

Finally, does anyone else think Shellshock looks inappropriately pleased to see Slick being carted off to jail?


Ian Thomas Healy said...

I've spent so much time featuring Slick, Sandstorm, Stonewall, Silence, and Science Guy over the past year, I'm really going to try to focus more on some of the other characters like Shellshock and Smokescreen and Stretch. Oh, and the other sword chick and the guy whose head got bitten off by the shark...


Christopher Doyle said...


I see the S-Team as similar to just about every team book in that certain characters just rise to the top. No matter how hard Iceman and Angel try, they just can't compete with Cyclops, Wolverine, and Marvel Girl. Y'know?

Stretch got some good coverage early on, though. (The setup for the monitor room comes to mind)

As to Shellshock, he's going to get a taste of action very, very soon...I hope I don't ruin him for you.

Geoffrey said...

I wonder if the police officer has an accent or simply can't speak properly?

Jurisdiction is misspelled "Justdiction" in this webcomic - maybe intentionally?

It is getting a bit cramped in his word balloon.

Christopher Doyle said...

Just a typo - it's been fixed. Thank you for pointing it out!