Monday, January 7, 2008

A better look at the Stage Set

By request, here's a better look at the full "Stage" set from the new story arc in Reasonably Clever's Reasonably Clever Web Comic.

Click the picture above for a very huge version that lets you see a lot of the detail.

I'll take some more supporting shots later this week.


luthien1121 said...

What a sweet set-up! Very nice build. :-)

TK1420 said...

It is scary how much your work area looks like mine.

Good work on the stage, I especially like the use of the cross-hatch plate for the main speakers. And how did you acquire so many of those chrome dishes?

Na said...

*Drool* ... As someone who works as a backstage tech, you've now combined my geeky love for lego and theatre.

That's an awesome lego set!