Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Episode 350

Read the comic here.

Yes, another new set. This one I'll get a few days use out of, at least. For those of you concerned about the fate of Scotch or Morpheus the cat, they both return with today's episode. They were, as I mentioned in blog comments, just waiting in the car.

("What car???" you ask? Well, one cobbled together from Advent Gifts, I guess. I dunno. It happened off camera. Maybe it'll be the focus of a mini-series years from now. "Whiskey Tango: From Whence the Car?")

Normally comics etiquette would require a misunderstanding leading to a fight between the two teams before they could work together, but I've decided to count Slick's tasering as the fight and just move on with the story.


Geoffrey said...

What you need to make up is a "meanwhile" scene, which actually explains what Morpheus and his cat are actually doing.

If done just right, it can even occupy part of one strip while the rest of the strip builds in around it. It can even be 'flashback' in that it recounts things that Morpheus and his cat have been doing, even though we've never seen them before.

One thing that puzzles me: If Morpheus had that amazing power to teleport Whiskey and Co. out of that situation they were stuck in, why doesn't he use it a bit more often, or stick his head in occasionally? Who knows, since they started out on a featureless plane, he's probably watching a security screen, laughing his head off at their hapless misadventures!

dark whiskey said...

Theres one good thing about this....he's not really getting arrested because he's still in the dream world.