Monday, January 5, 2009

Upcoming feature!

Hey guys. It was a busy holiday for me - I didn't get nearly as much work done for the site as I had hoped...on the other hand I'm not feeling nearly as burnt out on the whole concept as I was a week or two ago.

One of the new features I have planned for 2009 is thanks to an old friend of mine - a friend I made back in the days when I was running The Island of Bootleg Toys. Fellow Bootleg-Enthusiast Joe dropped me a line to let me know he was resurrecting Bootleg Action figures: The Undiscovered Playthings - updated into a new blog-format with all new reviews and content, as well as an archive of his past reviews. We got to talking, and of course I expressed interest in any LEGO-themed Bootlegs he could spot.

Well, Joe found some good ones. Not just "compatible" knock-offs, but blatant rip-offs that have stolen unique LEGO parts. Feeling my knowledge (read: obsession) with LEGO might make for a more in-depth review, Joe has agreed to send some of them my way.

This teaser picture Joe sent me shows just a few of the sets I'll be looking at in the coming weeks - but even this low-res shot shows some really tacky things like the "Brick" logo in the LEGO style and the "Star Wars" set with the Life on Mars aliens.

As always, these reviews will be written with the intent of making sure you don't buy these sets - trust me, the last thing you want to own are a bunch of knock-off LEGO bricks. (Did MegaBloks teach you nothing?) I'll risk the brittle plastic, lead paint, and mental anguish for you. Although I might just share a bit of that mental suffering.

Anyway, look for this new feature to start up in late January! In the meantime, be sure to stop by Joe's Blog for the latest in Bootleg News!


Kadzar said...

My sister went to China last year; she brought back some bootleg sets. Many of the pieces are not well formed( it seems though they stole molds from TLG, but the don't quite have Lego's standards for quality), definitely not ABS, but one set came with an awesome silver-painted cutlass that I now realize I maybe should worried about.

Christopher Doyle said...

Even TLG has been having standards issues of late. I need to post some photos of a badly warped brick that came out of a recent Star Wars set. :-\

But, yeah, don't go licking that cutlass...

Peppermint said...

Aww, come one, everyone loves knock off things! Lego is the Best (found a whole pile in a cheap shop) and off brand is also fun, if low quality.

Cat said...

Can't wait to see your scathing reviews. I loved the bootleg section of this site and am glad it's getting updated.

On a totally unrelated note, did you see the new Medieval Village set for LEGO Castle? It looks really neat, and if I had some place to hide it from my mother (I'm 26, I'd be told to get a real life) I'd so buy it.

On another unrelated note, I assume that your busy holiday (which I hope was terrific, by the way), you may be behind on Minimizer orders? I don't want to harrass, I'm just a big impatient baby.

Take care.

Christopher Doyle said...


I have a Village on order from right now - hopefully it'll arrive in the next couple of days. I'm looking forward to trying to post a review of it. :)

As to the 'Mizer, I'm mostly caught up - the orders that came in over the weekend ship out today, and all previous orders went out no later than last Saturday morning. The mail is probably still running slow from the holidays, though - if you're in the states, drop me an email at and I'll forward your delivery conf#.

Cat said...

I'm in Canada, but I don't doubt you about the mail being slow.

Thanks again!

Great escaper said...

Im really looking forward to this bootleg lego, i saw some kinda like that before but i never bought it, figuring it wasnt very good value for money.