Monday, January 5, 2009

Episode 604

Read the comic here.

Poor Scotch. From one generic look to another. (To another, if you start with his generic frog-body.)


Geoffrey said...

Hmm I'm liking Soctch's new look already!

Wonder if zombie Wash's head is going to start spinning, though? It's gonna be hard for him to understand how a frog could get transformed in such a way.

Ray-The-Sun said...

I just got my new Lego catalog, and guess what the cover theme is? PIRATES. Pirates, Power raiders and Sponge Bob in the UK (Available elsewheres from the site, I think) and they're looking pretty good!
Oh, and there's 2 more sets with monkeys, so now I can get THREE Curborg-Robot-Uber-Ninja-Monkeys.

Anonymous said...

I think MN is ready for a frog, lol.

Danny said...

My thought is that Fox is Whiskeys twin sister.

C-Shorey said...

Cool... Now scotch dosnt have to stay back at the "Brick House".

Well, I was wondering, Will you be selling the "Brick" porducts?
'cause I already have some on my shelf(I dont mix them with normal legos, not after the "Mega Bloks phase I suffer though)and I want more! Could you atleast tell me where to get them?

Espeacialy "StarWars" :P

Christopher Doyle said...


I will most certainly not be selling the "Brick" knockoffs - the whole point of doing the reviews will be to share what NOT to waste your money on. :)

If you really must seek them out...try flea markets and dollar stores. That's where I used to find most of my bootleg items.

Geoffrey said...

@Chris: Will there be some more backstory on Scotch, and the secretions of him and his brother?

Also, will there be any flashbacks that reveal more of what happened to the original pair of explorers who discovered the alien frogs, and what became of them?

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