Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Episode 619

Read the comic here.

So now our cast is up to speed on things...well, all the adult cast, anyway. Except Old Whiskey. maybe. There's still the question of how much he knows about things...and he's not talking right now.

The similarities of this strip to BTTF:2 have been remarked on before.

Oh, and the reason that Wash and Fox naming their child Whiskey is ironic? Yet to be revealed.


Geoffrey said...

My guess is he had a blow to his head on something which conveniently erases all memory of the zombie half of his family tree.

Either that or Whiskey isn't as dumb as we think he is, and is hiding all of this quite intentionally.

The latter theory doesn't fit into Whiskey's personality trait too well though.

wv: nuophyt

Anonymous said...

It's Ironic because he was conceived by way of copious internal applications of malted grainliquor, one imagines.

Anonymous said...


Great escaper said...

Im gonna do something ive been meaning to do for awhile, re-read the entire comic in the archives, from the beginning, making notes as I go of unanwsered plot points, or just something confusing i dont quite understand, once ive done, ill publish the list here as a comment under a future strip. Im looking forward to re-reading the strip tho, its very entertaing and Ive forgotten alot of stuff.

Great escaper said...

Actually guys, ive made it through about 10 strips so far and ive already got 5 things on my list, so the odds are its gonna be quite long by the time im finished so I doubt ill be able to post it here after all.

C-Shorey said...

post them alittle at a time

Ray-The-Sun said...

I haven't been here for a while, But that Cryogenic freezer looks Fami-

...It isn't is it? If it is what I think it is, There maybe some more Frogs in the Brick House.

I just said...

I can't wait to see what the kids look like. I bet whiskey stil has his anime face but I think the other will ....... resemble whiskeys father more....Zombie kids!

wv: dings