Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Episode 613

Read the comic here.

Yeah, I'm a day behind. Things will get caught up sometime this week.

Fox's signature on the note is supposed to have a cute little "couples only" thing in it. Signing a note "XXOO" is shorthand for "hugs and kisses". So Fox has adapted that into something uniquely her own.

Not sure if it really came across in the strip, but that's what I was thinking, anyway.


Geoffrey said...

@Chris: "meet us as the brick house ..."???

Christopher Doyle said...


Are you sitting at the site just hitting f5? I fixed that typo while the blog was publishing.

Geoffrey said...

I happened along just at the moment the erratic strip went up for publication. If I'd been a little later I would have seen the corrected version.

It's still visible in the top-right panel, too. I'm not sure you want to spend all your days editing mistakes out of comics though.

takua-777 said...

so it is.

somesome said...

why does donut always set the controls for vacant lots.no sence of adventure?(needs a chameleon circuit *grumble*)
or pehaps an enemy thime lord?(stupid master*grumble*)

Word Verification:SYCOPI!?! what kind of a word is that!?!?!?(*grumble*)

Christopher Doyle said...


Perhaps the time he smashed the Brick House into the side of a skyscraper made him a bit more cautious...

Anonymous said...

i got the f ooxx thing the first time i glanced at it.

by the way, when are you going to have another contest?

wv: roloweed (yes i'm serious)

C-Shorey said...

This is an interesting conversation

Somesome: try this word:
What is a flurnact?
It sounds like a type of Polar bear.

C-shorey said...

This one ROCKS!
Word verification:
aarrh! YES REALLY!

somesome said...

so it does

Word Verification:simpla.hmm

papaya said...

I too saw "Fooxx" the first time. "Shagg?"