Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Fail Extra!


Let's shed some extra light on the murkiness that is WARRIOR.

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In my review of that set I asked....
...if anyone can translate the non-English part of this package, drop me a line at I'd love to include that information here.

And here, faithful readers, is a response to that request!


Alright first things first, I'm NOT from China. Nothing to do with that place. I'm from Singapore -- that's nowhere near China.

ANYWAY, you may put this on your post about the warrior...

Pronounced, jin gang yong shi (jean gah-ng your-ng sh)

gang as in government.
yong as in your.
shi as in shhhhh

Breaking it up,

金 basically means golden.

刚 means "just now" -- this doesn't even make sense!
I think they actually intended to type 钢, which means armour.
Gosh, I'm no Chinese intellectual, and yet I could point out a mistake those bootleg toy-makers made in their own tongue.

勇 means brave.

士 means soldier, or warrior, if you prefer.

So basically ~

Brave warrior in golden armour.



Design is not stand for original product.

It could go two ways:
1) Box art does not represent actual product.
2) Our design is not a copy of [does not stand for] the original LEGO brick. (YEAH, right...)

Yeah, hope all that helps!

Yours sincerely,
Siango Lee.

Heh. I guess the "golden armor" partof the translated title explains away the yellow life vest. Sort of.

Thank you, Siango Lee!


Ray-The-Sun said...

I think I saw some Bootleg Lego- Scratch that, I KNOW I SAW BOOTLEG LEGO.

It was a bootleg of the Knights from a while back- Y'know, the ones that used technic, I didn't pick any up, And I wonder if they still have 'em...

somesome said...

i picked up a bootleg set a while back(it was from something called click bricks).it was from a range named formula car and in design was a yellow f1 car as well as 4 (bad)figures of a yellow,red and blue drivers as well as a comentator and a platform for him to comentate from.the figures were too weak and the bricks to strong.the box even said "compatable with other leading brands"waste of money.

somewhile ago lego tried to patent the bricks but couldnt.meh

custom lego is much more populur than bootlegs.