Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Episode 609

Read the comic here.

For the benefit of my non-US readers: Jerry Springer


Anonymous said...

Mary Sue wants to marry Wash?

Geoffrey said...

Funny, I always thought it'd have been the set of Dr Phil or Oprah, but Jerry Springer is still around??

Cat said...


She and Mr. Wash, they had a thing goin' on.

Great escaper said...

Surely everyone knows who Springer is, im in Britan and we know who he is, heck, just before Christmas he was a tempory host on the British satire show, Have I got News for You.

Sophie said...

When do we get to SEE Wash?!


Anonymous said...

I wonder what a half dead child looks like. It can't be good if Doyle stays true to his normal surprises like Scotches prince form.

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