Thursday, January 29, 2009

Slight Delay

Comic will be delayed a bit today - should be up this afternoon.


Geoffrey said...

Chris: Could you do a slight alteration of the "Friday Fail" feature's publication schedule tomorrow?

I really don't like it being published right on top of the BH comic episode post, perhaps you could at least somehow spare me the anguish of having to scroll past it to find the comic post?

Anonymous said...

Whine whine whine. STDD, Same Troll, Different Day

If only you looked at the site:
for those to lazy to scroll, there's the latest post links to the right of the blog. Skip right to the post you want. Amazing what technology has brought us.

Geoffrey said...

@Anonymous: Perhaps Chris would like to improve that. I haven't actually noticed that until you pointed it out just now.

wv: bunpolan

Cat said...

I, for one, love the Friday Fail, and there's nothing wrong with the site. That's what they make the scroll wheel on a mouse for.

Saber Lion said...

Do the "Fail" after the comic; because it makes more sense after the string of five comics, a separator between the next five.

Also scrolling being the reason, eh?

TK1420 said...

Geoff, if having to scroll the mouse a few extra times is your idea of "anguish", then you must have it really damn good.

somesome said...

oh come on geoffrey.WE GET YOUR POINT.
.STOP MENTIONING IT.(im reminding myself of ian(writer of adventures of the s-team)when everyone started arguing with me when i said an anons idea to put a blog for nothing but product ideas to be sent to lego)also,STOP ARGUING.
comic wise:
havent any of you seen the doctor who episode fathers day.
if whiskey and lil whisky touch its bad

Word Verification:imatib(sigh)

Anonymous said...

wv: ansest

then when i didnt type them in properly: baddian