Friday, July 11, 2008

Pigs on the Wing: Update

I've received a few emails asking, so here's a public announcement.

Our judges are still working their way through the huge number of entries submitted for the Pigs on the Wing contest. So, no, I don't know who won yet.

I'm hoping to make an announcement at the end of next week if all goes well.

In the meantime, I'm looking for a good partner site/judges for the August contest - suggestions are welcome. Just post a comment.


Geoffrey said...

By the way, are you also looking for suggestions for the next contest itself?

If you are, how about a contest where people compete to build something mobile which doesn't use tyres? It can be anything from a custom built representation of an artifically enlarged animal, to a monster, but can't include copycat designs from official LEGO sets, so the motorized 4958 Monster Dino set is out, but someone can build a walking mechanism around a similar structure, or build it's parts into an animal not represented in the set instructions that moves using feet or limbs.

Anonymous said...

how about a 50 years into the future contest
contestants enter tools, vehicles, buildings, even a time machine (minifig scaled or not) from the distant future

think about it

TK1420 said...

A "Raygun Gothic" contest would be cool. Also, Clone Wars is coming to theaters in August and could be a contest theme.

Other off-the-cuff ideas:

Micro scale buildings
Vignettes from classic literature Epic scientists
Epic Fail vignettes
Popular movie scene vignettes

I'm happy to help with judging entries on anything if I can be helpful in that capacity.

Ebil said...

Does being a judge mean you can't enter?

I think the theme should be castle/mideval.

dave the rave said...

I know this sounds stupid but how about a rock and roll contest where you make minifig versions of famous rock bands. But I can't enter it because I either don't have the right minifigs or I don't have the money to buy them.

I would also love to be a judge in a future contest.

Gaby said...

how about a car contest

Sir Sploo said...

How about a contest for the new agents line:

Change any one one of the Agents (Trace,Charge,Chase and Fuse) to fit into the clothes of other agents in literature,movies and video games.

But you must keep the hair/helmet of the agent.

Maarten said...

If I could be a judge for the next contest, that'd be great.

Anonymous said...

It might be a little late, but a walle contest would be great.

Anonymous said...

The recent edition of Brick Journal has "super bikes". These could make for a nice contest.

SlyOwl said...

Any updates on the results? - Over a week has gone now...
...and I'm bad at waiting! ;-)

Christopher Doyle said...

Just waiting on one more form to come in - I'll nudge that judge's elbow again today.