Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pigs on the Wing: Unveiling the Winners: Part III

Today we announce the winners of the three "Judge's Choice" awards in the Pigs on the Wing contest. First up, though, the long-overdue reveal of the "Mystery Racer" designed by Cave Racing theme-creator Tim Gould:

(Click the photo for a much larger view of the awesomeness.)

The idea Petri Racer came about while Tim and I were defining the scope of the contest - the exchange went something like this:

Tim: So what about brick-built animals?
Chris: Should be okay, but I can see someone getting silly and doing a 1x1 round as a "Slime Mold".
Tim: If no one enters that, I'm going to build it myself.

And so he did. And now someone has won it.
And someone won Brickforge's Pick.
And someone won the Reasonably Clever Monkey Award.

Who were they?

Click and see!

But who won the coveted Class One prize? You'll have to check back tomorrow and see!


Anonymous said...

personally i think the petri racer is a bit of a cop out, of corse thats mainly because i didnt win it.

oh well

Geoffrey said...

Do Chris and Gambort mean to say that wingless cave racers were allowable? Or did they consider the dish as having a wing shape? It doesn't look very aerodynamic.

Other than that, I think it's a fantastic creation. Don't get me wrong, I'm just curious as to why the wings were left off.

Anonymous said...

where in the rules do you see anything about needing wings?

Anonymous said...


You seemed to have missed the point about Cave Racers. Read the rules, for one. You'll see the inclusion of hover thingies. Which presumably account for the lift. Cave Racers don't require aerodynamic lift. They aren't aircraft. Secondly, Gambort created the genre and he can say anything he wants. He came up with them. And yeah, nowhere in the rules are wings a requirement.

Anonymous said...

geoffrey missing the point? that's un-possible!

Gambort said...

There's only really one person who has to like the Petri Racer and at the very least he can use it for parts ;) I found the idea rather amusing.

Indeed there isn't and never has been a requirement for my 4-rule style caveracers to have wings (nor the original caveracer concept by Don Wilson). My own tended to have small wings but plenty do not.