Tuesday, July 29, 2008

LEGO: The Owlship From WATCHMEN

My part order came in - the build is done (for now). Check out the full 7-page photo review of my latest little time waster, the Owlship from WATCHMEN.


Anonymous said...

i really like that and you did a good job on it, but what ever happened to the serenity project?

Christopher Doyle said...

Shelved for the moment. That sort of build takes a lot of enthusiasm, and I'm not really feeling the love for it right now.

dave the rave said...

Has anybody else noticed the Watchmen symbol in the Mini-mizer 3?

Maarten said...

Very nice.
Very nice indeed.
*Tries not to burst*
*Try phailed*
*Calms down*
Good job Chris.

Maarten said...

Sorry for double post, but I just spotted a typo in the MiniMizer 3.
At one of the end screens, after you've pressed the right arrow a few times, it says: ''Click the image to check out these Reasonably CEVER Features!''.

Ian said...

Chris, this is an awesome build. I'm a HUGE Watchmen fan ever since the original series came out back in - uh, '86. I honestly never even consider trying to build "Archie." And your Night Owl figure isn't that bad, really.

All you need is a Rorschach and a Silk Spectre. :)

My hat is off to you, sir.

Na said...

I've never read the Watchmen, but I really love your lego version of the ship. I didn't even realise it wasn't an actual lego kit until I read the full article.

Ryan teh nerd!! said...


Anonymous said...

How did you build this? It's insanley amazing!!! What parts did you use how did you put the lego pieces upside down?

Anonymous said...

could you please tell how u built it plz plz plz PLZ! I want to know really really bad!!!!!!!!!!!

Christopher Doyle said...


Sorry, but I don't have any plans or records on how it went together. I just got a bunch of brick in a pile and made things up as I went along.

Anonymous said...

was the build complicated?