Monday, July 28, 2008

LEGO: Sneak Peek

Here's a sneak peek at a build I'm 99% done with - just waiting for one more important part order to arrive before I can really finish photography.

It's Nite-Owl's Owlship from Watchmen in LEGO form.

If you want to see more, there are more shots at my Brickshelf.
The full article will be up tomorrow sometime, post-office willing...


Sigma Seven said...

Good God, that's utterly fantastic. Throw in some minifigs and I'd be lining up for the whole set. Love the control stick on the roof and the array of control panels inside.

Just don't let Alan Moore see this.

Ian said...

You sly dog! And you said you weren't working on anything... ;)

Christopher Doyle said...

Sigma: Thanks!

ian: Believe it or not, this is one of those "my muse grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and made me do it" builds - this went from doodle to reality over the weekend.

kinko said...

would the idea of these being for sale be a option in the near future?

Christopher Doyle said...


Probably not; the quantity needed on some of those pieces is scary - and stocking enough to sell kits would be tricky at best.

I may build *one* to auction off to pay for the next round of contest prizes, though.

TK1420 said...

Wow! That pair of binoculars looks great!

j/k... I dunno much about the Watchmen, but that ship was one of the few things that caught my eye about it.

Too many comics, so little time... *sigh*

It's a fantastic model.. good work!

In other news, a trailer for Tr2n (that's "Tron 2")rolled out at Comic Con over the weekend. The grainy, shot-from-the-back-of-the-theater version I saw on YouTube looked promising.

dave the rave said...

Mabye you can have a Watchmen contest.