Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Episode 474

Read the comic here.

The fact that Whiskey hasn't seen the Matrix has come up before - back in strip 250 to be exact.


Geoffrey said...

I wonder if it's about getting himself turned back into a normal person. Naah that's too obvious, Doyle'd never do that to us! :D

Uncle Servo said...

Let's see... we've had pirate ninjas, ninja pirates, talking (and blinking) frogs, space/time-bending chili, Firefly cosplayers turned into zombies, and Hannah Montana fronting Van Halen. This is definitely NOT the place you call when you want "normal."

Which, of course, is precisely why I like it... :)

I can see two possible responses from Whiskey on this:
1.) "You'll have to learn to 'meow' and cross dimensions..."
2.) "WHICH Morpheus?"

Okay I lied... I can actually see many more responses, but these two were the most printable.

Adam said...

its my birthday!

dave the rave said...

Uncle servo:

I totally agree with you with the normal thing.(lets not forget we've had a 200 foot tall Mario Batali mecha)

P.S. How's that updated character chart going Chris?

Christopher Doyle said...


Every time someone asks about it, I move it to the very, very bottom of my "to do" pile. At this point, it'll get updated sometime in the year 2011.

Maarten said...

Happy birthay Adam!

Anonymous said...

OH CRAP IN A HAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!