Monday, July 7, 2008

LEGO: Fountain

Believe it or not, I actually found a few hours to build over the weekend.

The next chapter of Brick House will involve new locations, and I wanted to spend some time working up some backgrounds and sets. My first effort yielded this: A nice looking fountain/sculpture combo.

You can click the picture to go view some other shots of the set-in-progress.

There aren't any "unusual" or "advanced" building techniques here (other than the simple twist to the column of "tooth bricks") but it still looks pretty good to my eye. It'll certainly work as a background, anyway.


Na said...

Awesome - both the waterfall and the twisted columns!

Geoffrey said...

Nice, I take it Whiskey and Luka are just in the shots so that we can get an idea of how well they're going to fit in or stand out, as the case may be?

It's certainly not like you're giving away any hints as to Luka's fate or anything. ;)

Christopher Doyle said...


Yeah, they just happened to be nearby when I needed stand-ins for a sense of scale.

Hiccup said...

Wow. You can't say much else, really.

Chris G. said...

Wow... Now that's architecture! Nice work there. ;)

dave the rave said...

Total WIN. What makes it beter is the Agents minifigs! I love those minifigs.

Ian said...

That's a CRAZY amount of tooth bricks! Were they in a bulk bin at the pick-a-brick or something?

Christopher Doyle said...


Sadly, that's just the tooth bricks that have built up over time in my collection.

I was organizing the drawer they were in (stacking them up by color) when I gave one stack a twist...and was inspired to build the model.