Monday, July 28, 2008

Episode 483

Read the comic here.

"The Robot Army" is another Matrix story reference - Basically Neo is just trying to bring the master strategist/fighter back home to his correct story - but instead he's left with a Kid's show sidekick. You can understand why he's upset with the situation.

These guest stars will be around for a bit - if you haven't seen at least the first Matrix movie you'll probably want to rent it just so you're not missing any in-jokes. Just sayin'


Geoffrey said...

What machine army?? *grin*

And why is he disappointed with Morpheus's current form, anyway?

Ray÷The÷Sun said...

Is the "Robot army" a matrix reference (I never watched it), Or is it going to be some plot point and they're like the Daleks for this series?


Anonymous said...

hey this has nothing to do with the matrix movies but check this out

i want one of those scooters!!!!!

dave the rave said...

Will Mr. Smith make an appearance? Because belive it or not. he's my favorite character.

Maarten said...