Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Episode 469

Read the comic here.

We're moving on to actual plot development tomorrow. Promise.


Geoffrey said...

Actually, you need to replace the cat pic with Donut's comments.

Although, are his comments printable if you want this comic to maintain a "G" rating? ;)

If not, keep the cat ... :D

Anonymous said...

did you notice that the ink on your whiskey (yelling) face is off set?

Christopher Doyle said...

Yeah, but only when I opened the photo in the graphics editor!

I have a few heads on hand to swap out when Whiskey changes expression - either I've managed to randomly pick a 'better' head for close ups before now, or a bad head snuck into the rotation at some point.

I just like to think Whiskey is *really* angry in that photo. ;)