Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yes, Even more set reivews

I stopped at TRU on the way home, hoping to find new Atlantis sets. No go there, but they did have a couple of other items back in stock.

And! Didja hear? The Bionicle Stars line is IT. LEGO has discontinued the theme after these six figures. I have mixed feelings about that...particularly since the replacement theme is kicking off with the less-than-amazing Ben 10 theme.

7116 - Bionicle Stars Tahu - Assembled
7116 - Bionicle Stars - Tahu

8189 - Magma Mech - figure
8189 - Power Miners - Magma Mech

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Geoffrey said...

The Bionicle would make a great villain for the Brick House storyline, and the magna mech figure has some interesting parts I look forward to seeing in the Brick House storyline soon.

Legovillager said...

Ahhh! Such a shame! Alought I can see their reason as it looks like just redone the originals. If they re did onua I'd buy him! My original Onua's lost his head!

Refentsh says word verifcation. That makes a refentshing change.

bradley said...

the body of magma mech looks like the space police body a bit could you show comparison

Christopher Doyle said...


There are photos aplenty of both in my flickr stream.

But, for the lazy, and by lazy, I mean Bradley:

Space Police Figure

Power Miner Figure

bradley said...
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Christopher Doyle said...


You can dislike Ben 10 all you want (I know I don't care for the LEGO version at all, either) - but let's leave the juvenile slurs out of my blog, eh?

bradley said...

p.s. mini's chess thing looks an agents one but this one has a stud and the agent dosnt i think

bradley said...


Martijn said...

So, the Bionicle storyline ends something like this:
Mata Nui is still trapped on some planet inhabited by glatorian, Makuta is Ruler of Everything and the Toa regain their old bodies, living happily ever after.

Now THAT's keeping storylines hanging O.o

Talking about open storylines: Chris, will we get to know what happened to Luka before you end TBH?