Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Episode 809

Read the comic here.

I had Donut's line as "I brought everyone some cocoa" before I realized he would have made it himself. Poor guy hasn't had a chance to cook in-strip for a long time.

Thirteen's thoughts in panel two were unscripted - there was something about how he was looking sadly into his cocoa that needed further exploration.


Al459163 said...

I like how you liken tying up plot threads to a medical procedure. =P

Legovillager said...

you don't see cocoa so much these days. It's all hot chocolate.

Preve says WV.

Donut seems to be doing some hilarious kind of balancing act in the first panel. Very funny! (D

bradley said...

i dont feel like rereading the skripts so will you tell me why are ther two dounuts

Flamero Burns said...

Scotch had a great line.

Geoffrey said...

Why does Scotch's walker need to sit on the couch? It seemed a bit unnecessary for something that gives him support, mobility, and speech.