Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pimp My Wheelchair - Even MORE Prizes!

We're entering the final days of the Pimp My Wheelchair contest. We've had some really nice entries so far, and I'm sure we'll see a rush of new contestants at the last minute as usual. But right now it's still anyone's game.

There are three categories to enter, and great prizes to be had. Special "best of" prizes include a Pirate Advent Calendar for the best North American Build, and a Chromtastic Prize pack for the best Non-NA entry.

And, just to tempt you into building, Louise has once again upped the overall prize pool!

Every prize winner will also receive a Tranquility Base printed 1x8 brick, of which there are only 17 in existance :shades:

Yes that's printed, not a sticker! A truly cool addition to the prize pool!

So what are you waiting for? Go BUILD SOMETHING!


Legowink said...

Does that mean there will be more winners scince there are only seven "big" prizes?

Christopher Doyle said...

There will be a maximum of five winners...or as low as three if the top category winner is also a judge's pick.

I don't get to give away all of Tranquility's rare bricks...just a few of them.

Ben said...

why do you always look grumpy in your real pics. your sig fig looks so happy...

Christopher Doyle said...

@ben: I'm just a grumpy person in real life.

Saber Lion said...

EPIC COINCIDENCE: As I read the image, I was listening to a piece of music by an artist called "Tranquility Base".