Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Episode 810

Read the comic here.


Legovillager said...

When being the key word here, right?

Andy Boal said...

Well done - explains entirely why old Whiskey had never seen any of this before!

Legowink said...

AND this was the longest 4 panel strip ive ever had read (yes, this is good.)Not even 'cause theres alot of text!

Christopher Doyle said...




I've watched enough Star Trek to be familiar with the ins and outs of time-travel based storylines. ;)


I'm having to be a bit more wordy than usual...trying to get a lot of plot slammed in over the next few days.

Geoffrey said...

I can imagine Donut II would be ecstatic if Dr LegoStar could save Luka after she'd been shot by Fox.

Andy Boal said...

Chris, that's the difference between us, I leave Star Trek to my dear Grandma!

Three more strips to the next Advent Calendar - and then a month until the next new plot and perhaps some more Cola?

Pentigan said...

Well at least we are closing another plot loop before opening a new one with more advent chaos.

Romeo said...

@ andy
well, the cola's we're sucked into the dimensional vortex thing, remember? it was chris's way of saying:
i don't like this plot any more, time for a new one!
p.s. just caught up of a few weeks of posts. did you just lose the original piece that was on whiskey's chest doyle?
p.p.s. i spelled p.p. again
p.p.p.s. VW=snesses, what one does when they have a cold