Thursday, November 26, 2009

Episode 811

Read the comic here.

Happy Thanksgiving to my readers in the USA - and good luck to those of you who will brave the crowds tomorrow morning in the quest for LEGO sales and deals. I'll probably be out there with you...

Today's strip introduces Scotch's new Universal Translator. Frankly, it's just an author's helper - I got tired of always having to have Scotch on a Mech to let him talk. Besides - what's the fun of dipping your toe into the sci-fi realm without coming back with an impossible device or two?

You can't really see it in the strip, but Young!Whiskey is contained in the same sort of stasis cell that held Old!Whiskey back in the Brick House's med lab. It's not a plot point - just a reuse of a build I had lying around.


Legovillager said...

Yes, the advent month is coming, and as I am going to do the legoville advent I have decided not to look at the Reasonably clever one, as so not to get any Ideas.

amesse says word verification. Amesse indeed, Amesse indeed.

Decided which advent you're going to use? I say the ninja pirates are due for a come back...

bob said...

hmmm, for some strange reason I get the feeling we're gonna find out just how that kitchen set on fire in the bar

pokank said...

i can't wait for advent.
thnx for the webcomic doyle

Flamero Burns said...

So, back to the past? 4 DAYS TILL ADVENT WARS! HIP HIP, HOORAY!

Word Ver: nedgesse says hi.