Monday, November 2, 2009

Episode 793

Read the comic here.


Dr Kilroy said...

I love crap-in-a-hat puns! :D

Anonymous said...

Bilbo's not the only one who's slipped away. Anyone care to guess who else has conveniently gone missing?

My lips are sealed: Figure it out for yourselves.

Anonymous said...

13, The Donuts, and Mr. Iron Man Guy are gone, but Mr. IMG is in this strip.

WV: inish. Like a danish, but in...more.

Christopher Doyle said...

Currently in the cell block are:
13, Mary Sue, Mary Beth, both Donuts, Tony, Scotch, Whiskey, Wash, Binky, and Dr. Legostar.

Just remember I can't fit everyone into every frame/strip - particularly when everyone is bunched up like this.

Flamero said...

Crap-in-a-hat has been throughout this whole comic.

dennis said...

Is it a bad thing that I've started saying "Crap in a hat" instead of "Oh S#@%!"?

God, I hate catch phrases.