Monday, November 23, 2009

Even more Set Review photos

It's a sickness. I had those $5 off coupons and I had to at least try and use them.

So here are three more set photo reviews for everyone...

8193 - blue bullet tiny turbo
8193 - Blue Bullet

7138 - Rahkshi - Cannister
7138 - Bionicle Stars Rahkshi

7971 - Bad Box
7971 - Bad

(Yes, the set name is "Bad". And it is sorta lame at that.)

Of course, now I'm out of cash. And the Atlantis theme is supposed to launch in full on the 24th. Dangnabbit.


Legowink said...

Maybe your wife will get you a load of them for christmas?

And its cool 'cause i was wondering what happened to young Whiskey

Al459163 said...

I'm wondering about your orange Rahkshi. The first review on I saw for that set, on BZPower made no mention of it being orange. The pictures for the review also make it look yellow.

I'm wondering if you got a misprint of some sort.

Al459163 said...

Would you be able to post a comparison picture of the orange rahkshi and some yellow piece?

Christopher Doyle said...

@AI459163: Here's the comparison image you requested.

bradley said...

hey chris was there ever a
MOBY DICK theme because on your mini mizour it has ahab and in science we read o grafic novel of it

Al459163 said...

@Chris: Thanks for the picture. As someone said on your Flickr it looks like the rahkshi is Keetorange, a cross between orange an yellow.

@Bradley: I don't think there was ever a Moby Dick LEGO theme.