Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Episode 800

Read the comic here.


Anonymous said...

Knowing Chris, this argument will drag on for at least the rest of the week, give or take a few days.

Geoffrey said...

Is there something wrong with Fox? I thought she would've been quite well aware of where her husband Wash is all this time. In fact, with that recently reattached artificial limb, he's impossible to miss.

This gag would've worked better if Wash was somewhere other than where Fox is right now.

In fact I think something more direct like this could have worked better:

Fox: "What will your father think of this?"

Mary Beth: "Why don't you ask him? He's right behind you!"

BTW Chris, whatever happened to your Yoda identity image? I quite liked that one. I do like your current image too, just not as much.

Anonymous said...

@ Geoffrey
Nah, I think it went better this way. Anyhow, congrats on reaching 800 articles Chris! And I read every single one of them, I must not have anything better to do... Just kidding. :-) --~~~~

WV:Coddys. Plural of Codfish, maybe?

Anonymous said...

I wondered how long before G went back to his ahole ways. Time to turn comment moderation back on, Doyle?