Thursday, March 26, 2009

Handtruck Challenge: Winners Announced

The Handtruck Building Challenge '09 is over! I've posted the Judge's comments (where applicable) to the Entry Grid and posted the all new Winner's Grid page. (There were four judges: Myself, Nathan, and the infamous Players A and B.)

For those of you wondering what the "special prize pack" was for the builder who used the most's a Baggie of Handtrucks! Because, obviously, that builder knows how to make use of them, and I sure don't need a huge pile of them.

The winners have email waiting for them on how to claim their prizes.

Thanks to everyone who played! Details for our next (BIG!) contest are being finalized now...look for details very soon!


dragma said...

I would like to let you know on the winners grid you used the wrong picture for the third place most nifty. The American Dream.

Christopher Doyle said...

sorry - actually it was the right picture, the wrong caption.

Katie said...

Who is Nathan?