Thursday, March 26, 2009

Episode 661

Read the comic here.

Traveling like this is a well known practice.


Geoffrey said...

I was half-expecting something or someone to say "want some toast?" when I read that *ping* in the last panel.

Regular readers of the webcomics that link to this webcomic will know what I'm talking about.

Mind you that plot-device drive will really have to undergo some development, if you can get that commercially operational within 5 years for real-life applications, you'd make your own economy! ;-)

Uncle Servo said...

Speaking of TV tropes... how many times has the ol' Batman 'atomic batteries' bit been used? ;)

For me though, when I hear "want some toast?" I think of the talking toaster from Red Dwarf.

wv: sioutd. Can't think of anything funny to make out of that one. Sorry.