Friday, March 27, 2009

Episode 662

Read the comic here.

Mary Sue's outfit is my guess at the new "Tyrannical T-Men" costume design that's yet to be unveiled over at Adventures of the S-Team. I haven't seen Ian's design, but I thought it'd be funny if Mary Sue ended up looking like part of that team completely by accident. But will Ian have his characters cross-dressing as well?

Only time will tell.


Mr.Acme said...

Bleh. Looks like a french Terrorist.

With lots of hair.

Geoffrey said...

Hmm where did you get the minifig head from? I haven't seen that one on BrickLink.

Congratulations though on finding a fairly good (and humorous) use of a Timmy torso!

I wonder if any of the security cameras on board the ship they've just landed on are currently in operation?

Would kind of blow Mary Sue's cover if they already knew her secret identity!

Ian said...

LOL nope...

Great look though!

Uncle Servo said...

Mary Sue looks kinda like Science Guy meets Tootsie... ;)