Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Episode 655

Read the comic here.

Staying true to the source material, Tony's a bit of a womanizer. Somehow I don't think Fox is going to put up with it, though.


Geoffrey said...

He's going to wish he really was Iron Man. ;-)

wv2: purdies - is Google reading your webcomic, too, Chris? ;)

Cat said...

Oh no he dinnint!

Fox is not gonna stand for that!

Ian said...

I realize it's a stock look, but when combined with her pose and the situation, Fox's expression in the last panel is priceless. Nicely done!

Uncle Servo said...

Tony's about to find out what it's like to have one's backside kicked by a one-armed zombie cosplayer.

If Fox doesn't beat him to the punch... literally.

WV: congsnia. Sorry, not feeling witty enough to make that funny today.

Mr.Acme said...

Where did fox get pinched? Buttocks?

Christopher Doyle said...

@Mr.Acme: That's the implication, yeah.