Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Episode 649

Read the comic here.

Yes, Donut did use the chili to bring Luka to the Brick House (however briefly). However, that was a magic/chili hybrid - Donut has used that knowledge to spice up his basic Chili recipe.

So this is really an all new application. Honest.


Geoffrey said...

"What can go wrong, will go wrong!" ~ Murphy.

There's also the joke about the automated airplane which I'm not going to mention here.

Ben said...

Nothing would have gone wrong, if he hadn't said "what could possibly go wrong?"

Ben said...

would, sorry, I meant will

Geoffrey said...

BTW, Chris is Donut's line in the top right panel just coincidental, or is it meant to be a line from The Little Engine That Could? "Yes, I think I can":


It's a great line either way.

Danny said...

you had to tell us that something might go wrong next? that means that something will go wrong next