Monday, February 23, 2009

Handtruck Challenge: Entry Grid Updated

The Handtruck Building Challenge '09 continues apace - This weekend's submissions are now a part of the Entry Grid.

There are some really clever ideas showing up - I'm quite impressed with what you guys have managed so far!

Just a reminder, though, that entries need to have at least some MOC element to them. Setting up a display of LEGO-stock models and adding a handcart to the scene doesn't qualify. At the very least customize a mini-figure or (better yet) BUILD SOMETHING.


TheBricker said...

There are some great and clever entrys so far. I really like this Hand-Truck-Truck. It's just a great idea to build a truck out of handtrucks.

By the way: there's a typo in my nickname. It's "TheBricker". Without a "s"... I would be very glad if you can correct this...

Christopher Doyle said...

Sorry about the typo - should be fixed now.